This is an exciting time for the corporation. The StoneWolf Casino expansion is complete. 

In addition to the progress being made on the StoneWolf Casino expansion, the corporation has acquired two convenience stores. The stores add to PTDC’s two existing retail operations, and been rebranded with a the new name of Arrow Stop.

The corporation is continually evaluating and assessing potential business opportunities. There are many criteria items to cover in the business development due diligence process.  This process typically includes:  feasibility study completion, project cost analysis, future longevity assessment, a detailed business plan, historical financial analysis, project financing options and financial forecasting. 

With total corporate employment at 18 full and part-time employees in 2002 to 178 employees today, PTDC is looking forward to increasing opportunities for tribal members and non-tribal members alike as the corporation makes a significant impact on the economy in the Pawnee Nation and the local community.



Director of Gaming: Joe Hawkins Sr.


StoneWolf Casino

54251 S. 349 Road
Pawnee, OK   74058
General Manager: Zach Hoffman

Pawnee Nation Trading Post Casino

291 Agency Road
Pawnee, OK   74058
General Manager: Dixie LittleSun

Tee Pee Casino

28314 East 6th Street
Yale, OK   74085
General Manager: Esther Mitchell


Howler’s Famous BBQ

54251 South 349 Road
Pawnee, OK 74058
Manager:  Terri Fowler


Arrow Stop Travel Plaza

54251 South 349 Road
Pawnee, OK   74058
Manager:  Debra Brown


Arrow Stop

400 East Harrison Street
Pawnee, OK   74058
General Manager:  Terri Fowler




Kuruks Construction Management

400 Agency Rd
P.O. BOX 280
Pawnee, OK   74058
President:  Mike Henson