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Pawnee Tribal Development Corporation (PTDC) is the corporate arm of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. Although PTDC is established as a separate entity of the tribe, it is wholly owned by the Pawnee Nation. According to the Articles of Incorporation, the primary purpose of the corporation is to create revenue, create employment opportunities and promote economic development for the Pawnee Nation. The corporation is governed by the Articles of Incorporation which were written in accordance with the Pawnee Nation Constitution, By-laws and the Corporate Charter for the operation of business.


Mission Statement:

To develop and grow economically, for the self-sufficiency of the Pawnee Nation

Vision Statement:

We shall achieve our mission by creating employment opportunities and income for the Pawnee Nation.


The purpose of the Pawnee Tribal Development Corporation is to promote economic development for the Pawnee Nation.  


In a constant state of growth, PTDC is clearly focused on profit, revenue and economic development. The corporation owns and provides management oversight for StoneWolf Casino, Howler's Famous BBQ, Trading Post Casino, Tee Pee Casino and both Arrow Stop locations.  

Corporate leadership, working along side with management from each location, utilizes good business acumen striving to streamline expenses and increase revenue in order to increase the bottom line.


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